National Georgian K-1 Kickboxing Federation

I was born in Georgia, Tbilisi, in1985 on the 11th of October. From 1999 till 2007 I was Georgian and National kickboxing champion. From 2007 till now I am a kickboxing club “Mebrdzoli” trainer, which is located in Varketili, on Suxishvili St, in #105 public school. Fromm 2013 till today I am a Kickboxing and Thai-boxing National president.

Lasha Tchuradze

National Kickboxing President

Frequently Asked Questions

We are in Varketili, on Suxishvilis street,  in #105 public school.

It costs from 45₾ to 60₾ per month.

There are different shifts but the first one starts at 15:30 and the last one end at 21:00.

There are different shifts so you can attend trainings every day as well as after day.

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